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Dr. M L Saraf is a pioneer in many ways

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    Dr. M L Saraf is a true genius. Everyone knows that Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. In the case of M L Saraf, you can say, it is 100% perspiration alone. He has been toiling day and night for the service of humanity. In fact, he has inspired many other doctors in his field to have a shift in their perspectives.


Service to humanity

    Dr. M L Saraf lived in an era where migrating to a foreign country, especially the UK used to be the dream of every successful Indian. In fact, the UK Government would have welcomed Dr. M L Saraf warmly. He had just excelled in his course at the University of Liverpool. If any person had the credentials to settle down in the UK at that time, it had to be none other than M L Saraf. However, the love for the motherland and the burning desire to serve the people of India brought this genius back to India.


Treating the poor at KEM Hospital is his first love

    He immediately set out with his task of serving the needy people, especially at the KEM Hospital in Mumbai. Anyone who has visited the KEM Hospital in Mumbai would testify to the fact that this would rank as one of the most popular hospitals in Mumbai. They were lucky to have Dr. M L Saraf on their medical board for most of his career. Though he shifted base to Bombay Hospital for a few years, his love for the KEM Hospital is legendary.


Contribution towards pediatrics

    During his days, the incidence of polio was prevalent in Indian children. Appalled at the plight of children afflicted with polio, M L Saraf started researching in the field of Pediatrics in Orthopedics. This was a pioneering effort with not much research available on the subject. He was a tremendous authority on this subject.


Some of his pioneering activities in this field are as follows.

Pediatrics in Orthopedics had been his pet subject. He was the Convener of the first Asian Congress of Pediatric Surgery that had a special section in Orthopediatrics.


His love affair with the KEM Hospital made him start the Skeletal Dysplasia clinics for Children at the KEM Hospital in 1978.

He is an authority on the subject of hip and knee replacement surgery. His contributions in the field of Scaral Agenesis and Hip Dysplasia are tremendous.


He has played many a pioneering part in the treatment of congenital and paralytic Scoliosis in children.

One of the most notable pioneering efforts has been the conducting clinics in schools for Scoliosis.


AS far as joint replacement is concerned, he has worked actively with another noted surgeon, Dr. K T Dholakia.

The credit of conducting the first knee replacement surgery at Bombay Hospital goes to Dr. M L Saraf.


He acknowledges that hip replacement would be an expensive treatment for the poor people. Hence, he has pioneered the technique of high tibial osteotomy in India.

Final thoughts:

    Listing the achievements of Dr. M L Saraf would be an endless activity. WE can conclude that he is a pioneer par excellence.

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