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The Qualities That Make Dr. M.L Saraf Who He Is In His Profession

Dr. M.L Saraf has established a reputation as among the best orthopaedic surgeon in India, even the world according to his colleagues in the medical community. He has served as a medical advisor to the Indian Armed Forces, as well as treated thousands of cases, delivered lectures on orthopaedics, and served in hospitals like KEM in Mumbai.

But he didn’t just get to where he is now without his share of trials and triumphs. Dr. M.L Saraf possess several personal qualities – virtues, if you will – that has enabled him to triumph his trials in his personal life and professional career. Here are a few of these personal qualities that made and continues to make him one of the most respected orthopaedic surgeons in India.

Strong Determination and Drive

Dr. M.L Saraf has developed a strong determination and deep drive to achieve his goals, no matter the odds in his way. Of course, he had to work hard on the development of these traits since it’s so easy to succumb to despair in the face of great odds. He refused to quit and, thus, he is where he is now because of his single-minded focus on his goal – to become the best orthopaedic surgeon and the best person he can be.

Such a determined and driven approach to life has also served Dr.M.L Saraf well in his other passion. Along with other healthcare experts, community leaders, and government and non-government organizations, he’s working toward the eradication of polio in India.

He realizes that every concerned organization and must work together toward this goal. After all, the scope of the health issue requires a wholistic approach and united stand.

Deep Compassion for His Fellowmen

Due to their profession, doctors have to be deeply compassionate about their patients’ conditions and circumstances while also maintaining a professional distance. The right balance between personal compassion and professional objectivity is a must in making the best decisions in treatment.

For Dr. M.L Saraf, his deep sense of compassion for his patients knows no age, social and economic status, and political affiliations. He will treat everybody in an equal manner as best as he can and, in the process, give both the rich and poor his undivided attention during their individual consultations.

While each case will likely require a different approach, he will treat the President of India in the same manner as he treats a small boy from a rural area in Maharashtra. He believes that each life is precious and, thus, he will treat each case with respect.

His deep compassion for the poor continues to be evident in his medical missions. He has conducted surgical operations for free in Bombay Hospital and KRM Hospital. He has also participated in polio and scoliosis camps in Maharashtra, as well as solicited cash and in-kind donations for his pediatric patients and their families from his family, friends, and colleagues.

Despite his personal and professional accomplishments, Dr. M.L Saraf has maintained a humble attitude. He believes that humility should underline all our actions because everybody should help their fellowmen but not brag about it, much less ask for anything in return.


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